Happy National Teacher's Day

5:37 PM

A random diary again. I know la it such a late post because National teacher’s day just passed a coulpe days  ago. But i have time only on Saturday or Sunday for blogging.

25 November 2014. Indonesia has a national day dedicated for all education heroes.... Teacher. We have to respect our teacher. No matter how annoying the task they gave us but still, we are no other than a dust flake without them. #tsaaahhh
And, special for this occasion, My school, tore off all that day’s schedule and made a sudden party in the yard. But we had a sport lesson at the first hour and we couldn’t make the party as an excuse because our sport teacher is kinda scary -,- ( there are a LOT of scary teacher in my school )and we did sport for 4 hours. You wanna know how is the feeling? It was really exhausting.

In order to take the part of this event, our class bought 8 roses for Rp. 40.000. Cheap rite? No wonder my town is well know for its “Kota Kembang” ( Flower Town ) name. And each roses would be gifted for the teacher that each class loved.

Not only roses, we also bought some ballons. So sad that i wasn’t there when they flown the ballons away. I was eating “seblak” with my friend at the canteen. I don’t know what is their motivation to did this such a thing. It might be the symbolism. For what? I don’t know either...

Still, every time, every where, take a selfie is a must for our class... here are our chamwhoring

We are graduating soon. Ah.. i'm gonna miss this school :')

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