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5:43 PM

So, we are facing Final Term Examination. I don’t even remember the joy of school. All i remember is just the gloomy things. So glad that i finished Math task that you-have-to-know-it-is-super-annoying. I have a Superb Math teacher in my school, called Mrs. Yani. She is the best Math teacher i’ve ever met. And i don’t get it, why almost every teacher nowadays has no intention in making their students understand what they teach. But, i love the profesionalism of Mrs. Yani. She cares so much about us. But she is still very moody -,- she often get mad at us and we don’t know the reason but we have to deal with it like it was all our fault. Okay, student life la~

Talking about how stress yet bored i am, This affect on my skin. It’s getting dull day by day. Even daily basic skincare cannot give the shine back. So i decided to do some lightening on my face.

Why do i use this product? My mom has a big trust in wardah. So she recommeds me to try this one. I have tried it one back a year ago. And it was a nice face wash. It did lightens my face completely in 3 months. And i was like, Wow, this is a great deal. This is my third day and i will give you the progress after a month.

And i own the night cream too by the same brand. But i’m kinda afraid to apply it since my face is in a bad condition. The zits are back caused by stress and peer presure. So applying lightening heavy cream will make it more serious i think.

Talking about school life, i’m having big problem. Personally, I think I’m not a bad student. My score is not bad but not great either. I’m just having some difficulties on Chemistry, History, Physic a little bit and Math when it comes to something that i dont like. My forever favorite lesson is english. My teacher even trust me to be the leader of my group. Such a honor. but i don’t know why, my english have gone bad lately. Seriously. Just like the last test, i can’t even approve 9 score. And i guess its all because i’m too busy in learning something else. And i don’t practice english as much as i did back then. So that’s why i decided to make this post in english, so i can compare my skill in it now and then. It is so frustating.

So that’s all. I hope my english skill will come back like the past. I’m just so sad. 

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