Beauty Review : Sariayu Krem Masker Jerawat ( Acne Care Cream Mask )

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It was raining and i was going home with public transportation called “angkot”. And my house is located in the middle of residence so i couldn’t manage to get myself home because the rain was really horrible. So i just went to local market and waited there. So glad there were a lot of bench. But suddenly, i remembered that i should go buy something for curing my acnes. I was busy searching for local product that can help reduce it. And here it is... Sariayu Krem Masker Jerawat. It was quite affordable but lets see what can this stuff do for my bad acnes hohoho...

The Description

This range ( acne care ) of Sariayu has the same basic color. Yep, its green.  And they all have the same prior ingridients : Sulfur and Pegagan. I haven’t seen how is Pegagan looks in real life but Sariayu kindly give the ilustration on the package. So the package describes the product itself very well.

And when i tried to squeeze the product, i was fooled because it has aluminium foil covered the hole. Silly me, i never thought local brand would give so much attention in hygenity. *applause* this ensure me that this is clearly brand new. And hygenic as well.

The consistency itsel, its cream with water based consistency. So its creamy yet you can spread it well because its watery. And i love it very much. The smell is so adorable. And i manage to covered my whole face with a single squeeze.

Since its watery, it dries very fast. I like to touch my face when the mask dry. It feels really soft. But you have to hold your laugh whenever you wear any wash-off mask. Stay a bitchface for a while LOL. I was watching Runningman Movie when i wore this mask, hence it was cracking all over my face. Runningman is so Hilarious you know.

I love the result. It makes my face really soft. And it really does help reduce my acnes. Some pimples on my forehead is dried after third use. It does a nice job.

Will i repurchase ? Well, You have a big deal. Spending Rp. 25.500 for 100 grams of mask, and a little goes a long way, I dont know when will i finish this babe. But I want to try another mask, although it is really good mask to try

Rating :

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