2015 Resolutions

1:25 AM

Hello all !!! Who is excited put ur hands up yeaaay because New Years just counted a day from now!! I’ll see you next year and before this year ends, i want to share my last post for 2014.

Actually, I’ve been blogging since the past 3 years. My form blog was adheliaftr.blogspot.com and somehow, it turned into chocatash.blogspot.com . and i want to hug you all, my reader from my past blog or my current blog. Hehe but i know you don’t want to be huged by me. My past blog is inactive because i want to start the whole new blog for me. This blog, mostly talks about beauty and my personal life while the other one is randomly talks about everything. Though i haven't achieve 1000 pageviews T_T and it still growing, i want to put all of my effort to this blog. My past blog, If you check it out, you will know that i am a weird and melankolis girl. But that is just past issue la. Me, this time, still a silly, weird and over-talkative young blood who are curious about everything. Sometimes, i hate being myself. I often make people around me gone mad. They said they are tired of me. I act silly and childish.

I have a normal life like people mostly have. I have 3 lovely bestfriend. I have mother and father and also annoying brother. If i’m not looking for unessecary things, i am pretty comfortable with myself. No matter how’s God take a shit on your life, we have to be grateful, rite? Above the sky, there is another sky.

And next year, which is comes in a blink, i want to become ...

More Mature

This is a BIG THING that personally, hard to achieve. If people don’t know me so well, they will say that i’m mature enough for my age. But, actually, i am just a kindergarten girl who trapped in 16 years old girl. I want to become mature, not only inside but also outside. I want to pace myself. I want to become lady. I want to speak only wise. And i’m trying. Hope i will become mature.

Talk less, Do More’ person

This is become clearer year by year. But not enough, thinking that i’m a talkative person. I want to study harder. I will graduate in this 2015. And after that , i have to continue my study at university. But i’m thinking of another plan. Do you know STAN ? I want to continue my Study there. And i know, it will be hard to pass it. So i have to do more, and more.

Become more active on blogging

I start this new blog just a couple months ago. It is just a piece of cake compared to another blogger whose being active in more than 3 years. But thereis no word for being late, rite ? we always have time to start it all over

Start my own online store

This is quite silly but i do want to have my own income. And i love selling something. Maybe, i will start from being a reseller, hehe.

Want to achive sexy face

Haha. Pardon me, but i really obssesed with those supermodels who has sexy face. Although i’m not qualified as a model, it is okay rite, to just having fun ?

And that’s all for my resolution.  I didn’t achive anything big for this year. So i cannot tell you what i’ve done this year, hehe.

So, What is your plan for 2015 ? Anyone of you who has the same problem with me ? Let me know it~

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