Chardonnay Grapeseed Oil Review

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Hello all, i’ve been busy since last month and i barely forgot that i have lotsa post to publish. There are lot more in my archive, but let us start with this one.  Btw, how r u??? I’m fine hehe. Everything is pretty much in order now because my university orientation is almost over....

p.s : i'm changing my languange again. So its back to english. There is a reason of couse. I'm majoring english literature and it is important to practice my english again (though it still has awful grammar). But i put translate button anw, so if you are probably confused with my grammar and everything, i anticipate that lol...
I don’t know how losing a single product can change my whole mindset. So yesterday, i sell all of my over-the-counter skincare product by preloving it. I have a little trust on chemical thing nowadays. “Minimize it! Minimize it!” i keep telling this to every chemical products hehe. More natural is better,right?

So, changing my whole mindset about skincare, my first move went to night serum. Because, beside cleanser and moisturizer, night skincare routine is ultimate. Leaving magic potion on our face and get a beautiful glowing skin every morning can really make my day. Who don’t want to wake up prettily? Heheh

After throwing out my whole cream, i decided to give natural oil a try. Reading some benefit of those oils, considering my skin type, i chose chardonnay grapeseed oil. So what is chardonnay grapeseed oil ?

Chardonnay grape seed oil is extremely lightweight on the skin, making it perfect for the heat of the summer. This oil is excellent for oily skin, as it helps to prevent excess oil. Packed full of antioxidants, chardonnay grape seed oil protects skin from harmful free radicals. (credit: )

So it is how the potion looks like..

Yes, it is lightweight. It is just 10 ml. At first, i really think that this won’t go a long way but i was wrong. 10 ml is enough for 3 months. Selling price is 4 dollars. And i couldn’t say more, it’s a huge deal. I’ve been using this for 3 weeks. And everytime, i wake up with glowing, clearer skin. It also improves my skin texture. Am i overrating it ? no.

Although it said it can lighten skin, well, what a shame it does nothing with that. Because of that, i combine my regime with hadalabo shirojyun series and here comes a nightmare.

My skin back to its condition when i haven’t tried sulwhasoo. That’s horrible. My skin history, never once click with whitening product. I’ve been using wardah ( Indonesian local brand) and my skin turned horrible. Zits everywhere, bumps, heads, even my checks feel so rough. Never i want to use whitening product again since. So why did i use whitening again? Because sulwhasoo. Sulwhasoo did kick my pimples out but it also leaves me with dull skin which i can’t stand. Why hadalabo? I purchased hadalabo starter kit including face wash, lotion, and milk several months ago. I don’t want to spend more money so i just use what i have. And i’ve never been so sorry to my skin.

After that, i use this oil again. Single use every night, and i’m starting to love this again. It give me smoother and clearer skin. My zits and bumps haven’t gone yet but i’m quite happy. I throw my hadalabo away. I’m so sorry for Hadalabo lovers but me and hadalabo aren’t mate.

And how do i deal with dull skin? I’m back to natural. I’m going to post my regime for brighter skin next ^^

I hope this will be helpful. Let me know what you think about natural skincare. Thanks for stoping by.

Warm Hugs,

Adhelia Fa

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  1. Can I know where I can purchase this product? Thanks. :)

    1. Hallo, i bought this from female daily Marketplaza. The seller name is Elea. Or you can visit her site at if i'm not mistaken^^


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