Beauty Review : Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint Orangeade

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How was your day ?? I got really upset yesterday even thinking about it make me want to throw up. There was a boy who said something slovenly to me. I can’t event got it. My friend also got disgusted by him lol.
But just like what Winnie the Pooh says, ‘not everyday is good but there is something good in every day’. Lets just move on lol. Lets just be happy^^

I’m interested in Etude House’s latest tint. Well, not very latest since they already launched it in gel type. Yep, it’s Dear Darling Water Tint. It has 3 shades. All of them are pretty and actually i love the strawberryade one. I’m more into red-purple color nowadays.

What product comes to your mind when you see it? For me, i keep reflecting Peri’s tint water. Shall i make a post about the comparison between these two??

The design is quite standard. Shame that Etude actually fails to impress me this time. Both in design and in quality. Well at least they try in decoration. Look at how they put heart before "Tint". It's cute though.

The bottle is made by glass that is not as sturdy as peripera. I never test its fall-proof lol but try to be as careful as you can. It looks like it might break if you drop it. The applicator is also standard just like another water tint applicator.


The tint has the exact same scent as Dear Darling in gel type. I own the exact same color as i have before. I have had Dear Darling in Orang Red, and this water tint in Orange Ade also has the exact same shade. I love the shade anyway but the color pay off kinda disapoint me. It is too sheer for my preference. I think if you are expecting for heavy pigmentation tint, you need to grab another orange tint because the pigmentation is suck. Just like the former Dear Darling.

But if you have really pale lip color, this tint is lovely to wear. So sad that my lips is too dark. I’m not a smoker but why do i have such a dark lips #sobsob.

Overall, i don’t hate it nor love it. My impression is just so-so. Since it is not as pricey as Peripera so i understand the quality (Peripera biased till i die). If you already love the gel type from Dear Darling, you will probably love this one because it is less drying. One good point from water type tint.

No, i don’t reccommend it but having this tint is fun to add my tint collection.

Price : IDR55.000

Etude has pretty shade anyway. Are you curious about Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint? Share your opinion with me^^

Warm Hugs,

Adhelia Fa

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  1. aku kok baru tau ya ada produk ini hahahaha /telat bgt/

  2. masih bagus yang etude daring tint yah
    yang ini beli dimana sis??

  3. Beli dimana kok murah banget o.o" os langganan 69rb wkwjjw

  4. Beli dimana kok murah banget o.o" os langganan 69rb wkwjjw

    1. hallo dear..kok mahal amat yah...
      banyak kok di instagram atu tokopedia yang jual dengan harga segitu^^

  5. staying powernya brp lama ya sis?

  6. halo dear, paling 2-3 jam udah bubar jalan hehe

  7. Kak beli dimana yah? Aku lg cari tp kok harganya 65-70 ribuan yah, share doong😊

    1. Halo.. would you drop an email instead? ^^ akan aku jawab via email~

  8. Kak beli dimana yah? Aku lg cari tp kok harganya 65-70 ribuan yah, share doong😊

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  10. Hai adhelia..
    aku denger-denger ini juga bisa dibuat sebagai blush on loh..
    Multifungsi jadinya..hehe

    oh ya, folback aku ya..^.^ Salam kenal..

    1. yep. almost all liptint bisa buat blusher^^

      followed u back^^ thanks for stoping by Florensia:D

  11. Halo, boleh share akun OS nya kah? thank you ^^

  12. salam,
    mau dong akun os nya, boleh ya
    mail me :
    thank u


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