Powder, Is It Important?

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Hello pretty gals out there !!!
I already miss this blog. Well, since my life is not full-timer blogger so yeah.. blogging is not my priority. And i have another side story that brought my mood as down as it can. So last Wednesday, me and Elva went to Mutiara Kitchen. Mutiara Kitchen is a huge shopping venue if you are looking for kitchenary stuffs or so. I heard that they also have artificial flower. You know, when you were reading my blog, there were no pleasant photos. My photos are lacking in style. Realizing that photo styling is freakin’ important, i decided to buy some artificial flowers.

But the sad story began...

I am the one of those stupid careless person you can ever imagine.

We were riding a motorcycle. I had problem with my hair at that time so i untook my helmet and retie my hair. When i tied my hair, i felt like something was falling off. It was purple. I thought it was my jeday because it is purple in color also. But when i got home and checked my item purchased, the flower was gone. The purple one. So the falling stuff i felt just then is the flower.

That was just one of stupid things i’ve ever done in my entire life. I even had my phone dropped in the toilet hole wkwk...

So lets go back to the main topic. Anyone of you agree that powder is one of the make-up essentials? Personally, i think the make-up essentials are lip color, base and eyebrow filler. I’m sure you are all have different opinions. But for me, i’m starting to put powder as make-up essential, why?

We are living in a high polluted country. It is impossible to having your face clean all day. Even if you just stay at home, laying on the bed all day, your face get dirtier by dust around you. That’s why it is important to put powder on your make-up essentials.

Powder will fill the space we have on our face. It could be pores and other surface. If you have your face powdered, the dust will not have space to lay on your face. Of course it doesn’t mean that your face will be clean by putting on powder. Powder is make-up and it still worsen our skin condition if we don’t cleanse it thoroughly.

The problem is, i’m not the type of person who are dilligent enough to put face powder. Also, i don’t have any powder that match my complexion. So with my “sotoyness”, i mix my powders. The powder i mixed is Caring Colors Microfine Loose Powder in Natural Glow and Marcks in Natural. I love the blur effect CC gave me but the color is somehow don’t match at all. It makes my skin dull. Beside, Marcks don’t give me any blur effect but the color is perfect. So i mix them altogether and here’s the result..

I kinda like it anw. It gives blur effect and the color is not that dark also. So, i think it is a success. I transported it to an unused candy can lol.

If you have any reccommended powder, please tell me below.

So that’s it. Ah and i’m watching WGM SungJoy couple and they are so gwiyowo~ Makes me want to get married....

See you on the next post

Warm Hugs,

Adhelia Fa

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