Almond Has Babies + Campus Update!!

9:30 AM

Aloha !!! still in the mood for summer, so i greet you with some hawaii accent hehe. Actually, i love rainy season. But i don’t know why,  I love summer also. Because i often get sick on rainy season. But summer got me lotsa zits and sunburn. Perhaps, i will talk about beauty that related to those topics later? Hehe. How have you been?? Are you still happy for summer? Or maybe in your country, it is not summer yet?

So if you read the title was talking about almond, she is my cat. I’m not really sure if this post is neccessary enough, but i’m just happy because Almond has three babies. Those furballs are really kawaii. I haven’t decided their name yet, hehe any ideas?

I’m not really sure about Almond’s age. Maybe she is 3 years old or so? 2 years ago, i found her hiding in the box in the garage. She was so thin and looked so lost. Her back ankle was injured and i bought her cat foods, took care of her and after that she ran away. I was speechless. A year after, me and my cousin found her again hiding in the cabinet. Maybe this is fate. So, we reunite again haha

Don’t run away anymore, Almond T,T

Well, being a collage student is completely different from being a high schooler. I’m sorry if i keep talking about college life but i’m being really serious. College is fun but tiring at the same time. I feel like its tougher to face things now. You push yourself to be in an organization or so, you learn how adults do and how to survive world. Even though it still 2 weeks but i learned a lot of things. But i forgot how to make people. Seriously, i forgot to adapt on new circle. I have a friend named Elva and she has been my buddy since high school, and funnily, she goes on the same major with me. Don’t expect too much but here i am now, stuck with her all the time and not making any people, so that’s why... Yea but i’m still working and i hope i can get close to any other *smile*
Anyone have the same struggle with me?

You guys couldn’t imagine how i look like a frog in my faculty. Everyone is pretty execpt me. They are so expert about make up and so. Their hair is amazing. Since i dyed my hair again 2 weeks ago, it turned to be ombre though it failed but i’m in love with my current hair. Lol what kind of man am i praising myself.

 Mostly, my schedule is 7 am. I’m not a morning person la and it is frustating because my home and my campus is sooooooo far away. My house is at the tip of south area and the campus is at the tip of north area. So usually, i wake up in a hurry, take a bath and prepare my breakfast. Then i’m dashing off because i’m using public transportation. With only moisturizer on my face, i arrive at the campus. Then, i go to toilet to do my make up there wkwk. My everyday campus make up is usually like this...

I only use brow thing like pencil and browcara, lip tint, and lash curler. Can i categorize this as make up? Because i think it is too simple....

Ah, and i’m joining athletic club that tastes like hell. My ankle was injured during warming session so i couldn’t run properly. It hurt so bad. I can’t walk without anyone’s helping for 2 weeks. My campus is so well made for those hiking lover that it fucking worsen my healing progress T_T because i should crawling upward while crying. Tb and Hasyul said that i’m such a showing off that i’m joining athletic club. I just love athletic la. But still, my ankle is hurt....
Don’t tell anyone but i’m planning to leave the club...
Don’t blame me but athletic is really harsh....

That was my short diary. I’d like to talk furthermore about my campus and beauty routine that i do recently....
See you guys on the next post ^^

Warm Hugs,

Adhelia Fa

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