Beauty Review: Gulaco Yummy Lip Scrub Strawberry

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Hello all!! Review again yeayy..
This is not my personal purchase. This was given by my lovely buddy named Nabila. Thank You so much Nabila!! I love you.

So lets take a look. This is Yummy Lip Scrub by Gulaco. For you who havent hearn of this brand, this is a natural brand located in Jakarta but they ship worlwide. They have 3 products included this Yummy Lip Scrub. I heard that they have good quality so i’m hoping so much on this lip scrub.


At first, i like the sticker. But i have a hate relationship with its packaging. Why it has to be very bulky T_T i love it but i hate it. Can’t describe my feeling.

Texture and Scent

I’ve got the bestseller one which is Strawberry. And at first, i’m quite confused because it was really hard. I searched its instagram and they said, it is bacause they use cocoa butter. And the strawberry one is really easy to be hard. They advised to smash it with spoon. So i dit it.

I can use it now yeay!!

I like the result. It did smoothen my chapped lips. But it is not that amazing i think. This is just my first impression. Maybe it would work better if you use it continuously.  It does have nice scent. And it is lickable. I prove it. I licked it on purpose, and i didn’t have any weird feeling on my tounge instead of very pleasant taste. So i claim, it’s really safe.

Price : Free for me because it was a gift. But i checked on ther official Instagram, it cost IDR 35k. Very affordable.

Repurchase ? i will. Hehe. I seldom repurchase the same product but i think this product deserve a repurchase. I’d love to try Ocha one.

Rating : 4/5 . if they fix the packaging, it would be great.

So, what is your favorite lip scrub ? ^^

Disclaimer : This post is not sponsored. It is my honest opinion. Different product suit different people. If there is something on you after using the product that i review, it is out of my control.

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  1. udah dari lama pgn coba lip scrub ini, tp belum kesampaian huhu. baca review km bikin tambah penasarannn >,<

    btw, aku follower baru nih, follback ya kl ga keberatan ^^


    1. Ayoo dibeli hehe.. thanks a lot Dinda :) followed yaa


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