Make-Art: Simple Valentine

2:12 PM

Hi Guys !!! Happy Love Day <3 I hope you all blessed with infinity love :*

In this sunny day, i’m going to share my work on eyes. Yeah i played with eyes again. I’m not good at make up so please excuse my ridiculous work. Because today is Valentine, so i put pink. But i combined it with brown so basically, it is very wearable. Seriously i’m not MUA so don’t blame me hehehe..

1.       Put brown shadow based on the picture
2.       Then apply pink above it
3.       Put again the brown shadow. So you got pattern brown-pink-brown
4.       Put brown shadow on your under eyes.
5.       Put mascara!
6.       Finish

Simple right ? haha.. i know. i love brown shadow. Because my skin tone is warm, so something like brown and orange make it fresher.

Pardon my silly face

Ah, and also, i’m planning to buy eye base. Any recommend ?

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