Wish on 2015 and Cousins Profile

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Yowyow... How’s your day ??? Mine was good so far ^^ hope you too~

On the last day of 2014, me and my family were gathering at my aunt’s house. And we celebrated the end year there. We did so many stuffs like roasting some fish and chicken ( the chicken was sooo goood ), played a game together and of course, set the firework and watched it together. There is a huge mall called ‘Living World’ located in Alam Sutera near Serpong, where my aunt’s house and they set an amazing fireworks. We watched it on the top of the house. And it was an advantage cause we can see the fireworks clearly. It was supah great.

I really love my cousins. And now, i’m going to share a quick profile of my lovely cousins hehe...
Not all, but these were attending the gathering that day

Asih Sri Wulandari

She is the closest cousin among all to me. She has a dorky personality which is really suitable with mine. She is pretty but i tend to call her “maid” as a joke, she call me “maid” too though -_-.  Sometime, she is funny but on the other hand she is pretty annoying. She is on the first grade of high school. She loves taking selfie. We took many selfies together haha. What to say, we love taking selfies haha

Laras Andriyani

She is Asih’s sister. Younger than me. Second grade of junior high. She is the most annoying cousin among all. I often get mad of her. But i often laugh too at her joke because she is so funny. Whenever we gather, there is less fun when there is no her.

Fitriana Natalie

Well, i have to say, she is the preetiest cousins. She has many fans because she is quite popular. She is a gymnastic fairy. She has sooo many medals, especially the gold one. She dedicate her life as an athlete. Hope she will be more succes in the future. Good Luck !!

Annisa Azzahra

She is the youngest sister of Asih and Laras. She like to borrow everyone’s gadget, including me. Yeah, she is second grade of Elementary and who not love playing games at that age? Haha

Alfarazel Alfian Pratama

The funniest thing about him is, he always throw every white gadget. And the badnews, our gadget is all white haha. I prove it. I put my phone in front of him and he picked it, then he throw it. This guy is dangerous...

Muhammad Fachri Arrazaq

He is not my cousin. He is my bro. First grade of elementary. He loves to play games. PS, PSP, Laptop, Phone. Every single one. He is an athlete too. Gymnastic athlete. He got 3 silver on the last competition ( KEJURDA ). And i am so proud of him. You da best bro, hehe

Ah, and also, i made this video. About my resolution in 2015. I made the firework night as a  backgroud. Please check it out if you have any time. Hehe.

So, that’s all my cousin. I really love them. How about you ? You must be have cousin, rite ? And how are they look like ?

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