How to Prevent Split-End

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Hey Pretty readers out there ? How is your day? Everything is fine, right ?
I’m goin’ to talk about the global girls problem called : Split-end hair.

I’m the one of its victims. I really hate split-end because it makes my hair looks unhealthy, dry, and fussy. And i have to trim my hair continuosly. If i forgot to trim it, the split will split again and it will make your hair looks more gross.

But do you know ? when your hair is already split, there is no way but trim it again and again. So, i want to give a basic information (base on my thoughts) to prevent the split-end on your hair^^

Don’t comb your hair too fast

I dont know why, but i believe this is works. I used to comb my hair as fast as i can. And it end up looks like a lion hair splits. I used to have a lotsa split-end. I still have it now but is not as much as i have back then. So, make sure to comb your hair gently.

Leave a deep conditioner

Conditioner is now your bestfriend. Never skip it. Although your shampoo is mousturizing enough, always make sure you leave a conditioner before rinse it again. Conditioner will make your hair tame and give it nutritions which is very important to prevent  split-ends.

Mask it!

Use certain mask for caring your hair. You can buy it or make it. I seldom mask my hair hehe pardon me. But i always put an olive oil beforehand. (check my haircare daily routine). After that i rinse it. I find it really works. Even on my already-split hair. It makes my hair so smooth and i can’t stop touching it hehe

Just air-drying it

The heat from hairdryer is drying. Drying in a bad way. Okay, it will calming your hair but it will end up breaks the outer layer or your hair. Thats why, too much drying with dryer, will give you more split-ends

Consume healthy food

Beauty comes from the inside is really true. Make sure to always having at least 8 glasses of water per day. Eat less junks and more protein. Protein is really good for your hair’s health. Protein comes from foods like fish, meat, veggies and more.

Thats all tips from me for preventing split-ends. I’m not a hair specialist hehe. These all just my basic thoughts.

So, do you have any split-ends ? how do you face it ? ^^

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