Beauty Review : Peripera Peri's Tint Water in no.1 Cherry Juice

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I was wondering a liptint to replace my latest tint from etude house. I can’t live without liptint so i have to get the new one immeditialy. I’ve tried Rinda’s tint from The Faceshop (Lovely Me;ex My Lips eat Cherry ) and it was quite good. I almost purchased it but suddenly, i thought of my tint wishlist a couple months ago. Yep, it was Peripera Peri’s Tint Water. Actually, i wanted to buy shade no.3 which is Orange Juice because i used to wear orange tint( my previous tint is Dear Darling Orange Red ). And i think orange color makes my complexion looks better. I have very pigmented lips, hence i can’t wear light color such as baby pink.

But sadly, the online shop where i bought it didn’t have the Orange Juice one. They only had no.1 Cherry Juice and no.4 Mandarin Juice. I almost fallen for Mandarin Juice but it seems extremely Orange-Yellowish for everyday use. So i have had no choice but adopting this baby’s home.

Okay, back to review, it comes with a cute box. Oh-My-God i don’t want to throw away the box because it waaay too cute. I’m really sure that you already know who is the designer of those adorable girls on peripera’s packaging. Yep, Its Mari Kim.

The bottle of tint itself is just as cute as the box. Oh Peripera.. you hooked me. It is clear glass with a plastic cap. I’m worrying myself. I’m very careless and i tend to slip everything trough my hand. So having a glass made tint... i have to be careful not to mess up with it.

It contains 6,5ml of tint liquid. The consistency is really watery. Just like the name itself. it dries really fast. and the smell of it is really pleasant. Like Cherry or candy.

And i also amazed with how vivid and vibrant it is. Unlike Dear Darling tint that quite sheer, it has strong performance. 3 or 4 dots are enough for a natural look. And it’s not drying at all. Wow.

But it also has a negative side. It only stains on the surface of the lips. And when i wipe my lips off, there is a stain on it. That means, the staying power just so-so. Its completely gone after eating. But i don’t mind reapplying it since its cute hahaha

Conclusion : This is suppah great tint to own. It has various color ( contain 5 colors )and the packaging is really cute as well. This tint is really versatile. You can go natural or bold just depend on which situation.

Will i repurchase ? well well, there are a tons of tint out there, why do i have to buy the same tint again? Haha. But this is great !!! Major Love !! maybe i will buy the other shade ? like Mandarin? Cause i still curious how it’ll look on my lips.

Rating :

You can buy it on ispellbeauty ^^
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Warm Hugs,

Adhelia Fa

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  1. Boleh tau beli tint nya dimana? Kebetulan lg nyari yg no 1 tp dimana" ga ada :(. Thank you! :)

  2. Halo kak mau tanyaa itu kalo abis dipake, trs di lap pake tissue, ada stainnya ga di tissue nyaa? Makasiih

    1. sedikit meninggalkan stain kalo digusrek gusrek hehe.. kalo di dab dab biasa enggak kok ^^

  3. Halo kak mau tanyaa itu kalo abis dipake, trs di lap pake tissue, ada stainnya ga di tissue nyaa? Makasiih

  4. Halo kak mau tanyaa itu kalo abis dipake, trs di lap pake tissue, ada stainnya ga di tissue nyaa? Makasiih

  5. kak, kok aku cari akun ispellbeauty di instagram gak ada ya?


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